5 Things You Should Never Do During Sex


Sex can be amazing. It can also be boring, awkward, funny or a plethora of other things. In order to make it the best experience possible we have created a list of things you should try to AVOID doing while it’s going down.

1) Check Your Phone. 

We don’t care if you’re waiting on an IMPORTANT call, looking over at your screen is rude and means you’re not enjoying it enough.


2)Just lie there.

Even if it’s not pleasurable, you have to FAKE it. Laying there like a corpse will hurt his ego and make it awkward for the both of you.


3)Scream like someone’s trying to kill you

We know sometimes you can’t help it, but if you can, control the wailing. One, it’s not really sexy and two, you don’t want to boost his ego too much. A loud moan works.


4)Stare at him in his eyes the entire time

Don’t confuse being passionate with being creepy.


5) Bite or scratch really hard

A little is okay but you know how it feels when he does it to you. Ouch!




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