How To Master The Woman’s G-Spot

According to recent researches, 50% of men have never found their partner’s G spot – and 35% don’t even know what it is.Though it’s a truth that the G spot can be very elusive, it’s well worth searching for. G spot orgasms – unlike clitoral climaxes, during which her pleasure is confined to that hallowed area – are felt throughout the lower body. So, for a tremble session she won’t forget, choose your weapon.


Doggy Style

A top position for stimulating her G spot is lazy doggy style. From classic doggy style make her to slip down onto her elbows. This lifts and tilts her pelvis so that the end of your penis alerts her G spot as you thrust. Try to get a little ‘circular’ movement in your hips to make sure you hit her G spot.

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By Hand

Gently slip two fingers ( forefinger and middle) inside her. Then use stroking movements with your two fingertips facing towards you. A few centimetres up inside her front vaginal wall is the region where the G spot is located.

“To begin with use a rhythmic touch movement with these two fingers together,” advises a sex and relationship expert. “As she gets increasingly waken, vary this with slight circular motions to give her some different sensations.” Next, change to tickle her G spot with the tips of your index and middle fingers. Surprise her with these different sensations.


Vibrate Her

Unless you’re blessed with a lizard-like tongue, it’s not possible to reach her G spot through oral sex . Instead, try using a G-spot stimulator while your tongue goes to town on her clitoris. Depending on the beat between you and her it might work best if your head and shoulders are across her pelvis rather than between her legs. This should make it easier for your hand to manage the vibrator around her G-spot area. Hit, circle and swish it back and forward along this area.


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