Does The Radiation From Cell Phones Link To Erectile Dysfunction ?

Cell phones have now been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED). While numerous studies have shown that cell phone radiation leads to human sperm death and damage and decreased fertility, the new report of increased erectile dysfunction is sending shock waves through the men’s health community.

In the study published last year, medical teams in two countries found that men who carried cell phones for longer periods of time had a notably greater rate of ED than men who carried phones for lesser periods of time.


For the study, the researchers recruited 30 consecutive men complaining of erectile dysfunction for at least six months (Team A), and another group of 10 healthy men with no complaints of ED (Team B). According to the researchers, there was no significant difference between either group regarding age, weight, height, smoking, total testosterone or exposure to other known sources of radiation.

The men in the study who had erectile dysfunction carried cell phones for an average of 4 hours daily, whereas the men without erectile dysfunction averaged 1.5 hours.

A large scale cell phone study which had reported a link between health dangers and cell phones was somehow reversed at the last minute over the objections of the lead researcher and other researchers to absolve cell phones of being dangerous. Notably, significant funding for the study came from the cell phone industry itself.


Cell phones have also been linked to cancer especially brain cancer and cancers in the area adjacent to where cell phones are normally carried. A good rule of thumb when it comes to cell phones: Distance is your friend. In other words, the farther you keep a cell phone from your body,the better. Likewise, do not keep a cell phone turned on and close by when sleeping.

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