Best Foods to Get You in The Mood


Chili Peppers

This invigorating herb has an exotic reputation and a bright red color, which might be why it is considered an aphrodisiac and a symbol of love. But there is scientific support, too. Chili peppers stimulate endorphins, accelerate heartbeat and you sweat, which mimic all about how you feel when you’re excited.


One of the most notorious aphrodisiacs, oysters are rich in zinc and have a great reputation for love and fertility. Researchers recently found that the oysters contain amino acids that cause the production of sexual hormones.



It would be the sensual pear-shape or the rich flavor of the fruit that gave avocado aphrodisiac reputation as far back as the ancient civilizations. The result of high levels of vitamin E might help to spark alive because of its role in maintaining youthful vigor and energy level.


With its phallic shape, bananas already looking like a feel-good food; but also contain bromelain, an enzyme that triggers production of testosterone and potassium and vitamin B ,also elevate energy levels.

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