Some Interesting Facts About Penis

  • There are two types of penises first is a grower, which expands and lengthens when erect and the second is a shower, which looks great most of the time, but did not get much bigger after an erection.
    Approximately 79% of men have growers and 21% have showers. In other words, a man who has a small flaccid penis can be a surprisingly large erection. Conversely, a man with a large, flaccid penis is not a significantly greater erection.
  • Fatefehi king of Tonga probably the penis with the most action. He allegedly deflowered 37 800 women from 1770 to 1784, or about 7 women per day.
  • The average penis size is between 6/5 inch. A flaccid penis is about 3.5 inches.


  • A bottle-nosed dolphin was known to swimmers by dragging the water by hooking his big penis around them.
  • In a condition called Diphallus, men are born with two penises. Normally, a single penis fully formed and semi-functional. This condition affects approximately 100 people worldwide.


  • A condition called “Koro” or “penis panic” is a form of mass hysteria in which men believe that their penises are disappearing. It is more common in Africa and the Far East.
  • Squirrel monkeys and baboons will gesture male with an erect penis as a threat to predators or as a sign of impending danger.
  • The adult male elephant has the largest penis of any land animal on 6 feet on average. The S-shaped fully upright.
  • Most marsupials a forked penis, which corresponds to two vagina of the female. Male echidnas have hit marsupials with their four-head penises.
  • There is a penis museum in Iceland.

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