The Things Women Won’t Tell You About Sex

Insidious myths about what women want to continue to proliferate during sex, despite the fact that women are more likely to give voice to their desires, and despite the fact that many female driven erotic magazines inquire if adult work and upend everyday sexual conventions. While we admit that bringing a lady to her final destination requires more effort and nuance than do your journey, there is no excuse for invoking the same uninformed techniques and treat clitoris as a hotel front desk bell.  In an effort to stop another clitastrophe before it starts, there is five things you need to stop assuming they want.


You saw very attractive things in a porn but that does not mean women will like it,too. Most sex in porn is really not nice to women. Porn focuses on genital stimulation and good sex is all over the body experiences.
In general endurance is overrated. Just because women want sex last longer than 60 seconds does not mean they want it to go on for hours. The ability of the vagina in order to lubricate itself does not go on forever. So pay attention to her and see how long she wants it.
Most women actually know what is going to bring to orgasm. So if you try this or try that and nothing works it is more likely that they will not tell you that they do not know. She has practice brings herself to orgasm with masturbation, so developing good communication is crucial, so that she feels comfortable telling you.


Some women have a hard time reaching an orgasm so they enjoy, there is more trouble than it’s worth. That does not mean they do not want to have sex, but it means that the orgasm will not be the star of the show. It’s okay, they still enjoy.

Women‘s bodies are very sensitive when aroused, so err on the soft side. In this case, less is more. Communication is the key so if they want you to do something harder and rougher they will tell you.

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