What Are The Kegels For Men?

Male urinary incontinence is both preventable and manageable. Kegel exercises can help you to take control of your leaky bladder. If you practice Kegel exercises (also called pelvic floor exercises) for five minutes, two or three times a day, you will likely see significant improvement in your ability to control urine leakage. Another bonus: Kegel exercises can also help you more intense orgasms, and improve erections.


Kegels are exercises that help you zero in on and strengthen the muscles under the bladder that help control urination. In men, urinary incontinence can be caused by a weak urinary sphincter muscle arising from surgery for prostate cancer, overactive bladder, or bladder that is not contract. Kegel exercises can help improve or in some cases completely regain bladder control.

It is easy to do, once you know what to target muscles. One of the easiest ways to find your muscles while urinating. Here’s how:

  • Halfway urinating, try to stop or slow the flow of urine.
  • Not tense the muscles in your buttocks, legs, or abdomen, and do not hold your breath.
  • If you can slow or stop the flow of urine, you have successfully located these muscles.
  • Some men find to make these muscles that they are trying to stop the passage of gas.
  • Squeeze these muscles gives a pulling sensation; this is the right pelvic muscle exercises. It is important not to contract other muscles.


To do Kegel exercises for men:

  • Contract the muscles for a slow count of five.
  • Let the muscles to a slow count of five.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • Do a set of 10 Cones per day, three times a day.
  • When you’re first starting, easier to do Kegel exercises may be lying, so your muscles are not fighting against gravity. It may also be easier to the muscles for just two or three seconds at first.


After a few weeks, increase the time until finally you enter into the muscles for a slow five or 10 seconds, and raise the exercises. That puts more weight on the muscles, stimulating the training and improve your control. Remember not to tense your buttocks, legs, and abs while doing Kegels.

Seeing the results of an exercise takes time, so be patient. If you do Kegels three times a day, you should see improved bladder control in three to six weeks – some men see it even earlier. Try keeping your urine every day to help you notice improvements. If you can not see any change in a month, do not have the right muscles Kegel exercises. Give your doctor or call a urologist.

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