10 Things Not To Say To Man In Bed

Ladies, avoid these 10 simple instructions to go your sex session to make “long and hard” instead of “flabby and soft.”


“Is it not still?” Try to avoid saying this at all costs. Some men are insecure or self-conscious about their size. With these words, they might think you say, their size is too small to please you.

“When are you going to finish?” This might feel a man like you can not please you or your bored. Instead say something like: “I can not wait for you to come.”

“I have to pee!” Unless he’s in the water works, this is probably just ruin the mood or the moment. So, try and pee before you start, or if you really just go so low and sensual, as you can say, “I’ll be right back ” or something along those lines. If you say it sexy enough, it will bring his imagination in motion, until you come back.


“My ex liked that,” or “My ex was doing.” Never bring your ex if you have sex with someone else. He can make things awkward and kill the mood. If he is a jealous boyfriend, then there is an argument waiting to happen.

“Yeah, yeah, oh Mike Oh! I mean, David.” Never say the wrong name. During sex ever It can send the wrong signals to the guy you now and are definitely a boner killer. If you really do not remember his name, just do not say a name at all.

“Have you finished already?” If you are having a one-night stand, say this is not bad, but if you are having a serious boyfriend or husband, and said, that can really be a confidence killer. Some guys have bad days, so that they may not be as long as they normally do. It happens. If the situation occurs, so say something like, with a smile, “ready to go again?”.

“What’s that smell?” This is self-explanatory for both ends. Just ignore, but when it so bad, suggest a sexy shower with plenty of soap.superthumb

“Let’s get behind us.” With these words just makes you seem like you are not interested or just sex as a chore. Not only say that it, and if you really not in the mood, do your best to get there.

“Are you hard yet?” Do not ask. If you feel you do not do it, then it is not. To say it could make some guys even more nervous and that makes the situation worse.

“Would it when I touched the anus?” A man’s anus is just a taboo subject. Do not ask. A lot of guys do not like talking about anus, unless it’s yours, but when it comes to them, just avoid the issue. Unless they bring it, which is rare.

Talking dirty in the bedroom can be the key to turn good sex in a mind-boggling good time. But if you do not have confidence with yourself, your night can end so soon. ProlargentSize Capsule provides fast and permanent solution for your problem with its natural ingredients. Have your maximum with ProlargentSize Capsule!



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