Effective Ingredients of ProlargentSize: Ferula

Most complementary health practitioners are familiar with Ferula. It is one of a growing number of herbs that are routinely prescribed and highly regarded for its powerful health promoting properties. In ferulas case that these mainly relate to its ability to improve male libido and sexual performance.


Traditional healers in the surrounding regions have long used the herb as a general tonic and to improve impotence and lack of sexual desire. It is also thought that if the plant is burned, produces the resin emits a distinctive aroma that can increase sexual desire and sensations.


The main ingredients which is responsible for the plants ability to increase the libido, the chemicals feroline and ferritin. These substances are capable of the production of the male hormone testosterone and also balance levels of the female hormone estrogen help. Both sexes produce testosterone and estrogen the right balance of what is important for a number of features including libido. For example, estrogen may cause an increase in loss of libido in men and an increase of the libido in women. When it comes to testosterone, low levels increase the risk of male impotence, while helping a high level of sexual stamina in men.


Ingredients in the ferula, in particular, ferutinine, have also been found to enhance the action of a sex hormone luteinizing hormone (LH). This hormone stimulates the human testicles to higher levels of testosterone, which in turn helps increase produce sexual drive. Researchers have also found that ferula can improve motivation and mood.

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