Sex Tips For Olders

Maintaining your sexual health is an important part of getting older. By keeping yourself healthy, confronting problems to talk calmly and openly with your partner, you can improve your chances of a long healthy sex life.

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Talking To Your Partner

Good sex is always based on an open communication with your partner. Since both of you get older, things will change. These changes will require patience, understanding and experimentation. Emotions can greatly affect sexual health. By maintaining good communication and intimacy, you and your partner will be able to adapt to changes if needed.

Manage Your Health Conditions

Conditions such as hypertension and chronic pain can be difficult to make a healthy sex life. you can greatly reduce their impact on your sex life through aggressive management of any medical conditions. A good approach is to have your doctor ?? s advice to follow and lifestyle changes.

Experiment With Positions

Sometimes the change is being used from the time of the day or the position in sex can relieve sexual problems. If a medical condition is interfering with your sex life, you will notice that your symptoms are better at a particular time of day. Try having sex then. Varying the sexual positions that you use can also help, especially if pain from arthritis or other condition interferes with sex.


Expand The Concept of Sex

Men tend to think of sex in terms of orgasms, but there may be more to sex. As you get older, you will be woken up more time and physical contact required. Hugging, kissing and other forms of contact are essential parts of your sex life. If you find yourself living alone, can masturbation be part of a normal, healthy sex life.

Safe Sex

As more and more older people continue to have an active sex life, arises the issue of safe sex. All sexually active people need to take this matter very seriously. STDs and HIV are on the rise in older adults. You can not assume that having sex without risks just because you and your partner are older. In fact, as the age of your sexual partner increases, his or her sexual history is longer, too. Always practice safe sex.

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