Places To Have Sex Based On Your Zodiac Sign-Part 2


If you want to get dirty with a Virgo, you had better be clean. It is the zodiac sign of health and purity. Having optimal personal hygiene and a pristine location for sexy time is a must. Set the bed with crisp, white, freshly washed, bleached and pressed sheets and make sure your home is spotless before you even think about inviting a virgo in bed with you. Virgos will also keep an eye on in bed on what works and what does not, and are all about favors for others, so get ready to hear a potential criticism at the end of your love making session.


Libra is one of the most stylish and most elegant signs of the zodiac. They praise something aesthetically beautiful or pleasing to the senses. They also love the human form, so do not wear those baggy pants on a date, because it will gross a total balance out. The best place for Libras to have sex in front of a mirror so they can allow to put their voyeuristic tendencies sexual dial.



Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac; Deeply sexual, possessive and seriously obsessed with privacy. A Scorpio does not just want to invade your body … they want to penetrate your soul. The best place for a Scorpio to have sex is taboo or something mysterious. A hidden room somewhere dark, a place they have never done or anywhere where they can create a sense of control.


Spirited, outdoor and described as half man / half horse in the zodiac is a Sag very primal and animal when it comes to sex. They also want fun, so laugh and keep the light, they will really have to again. Because they love running and being in nature, the best place is an archer pins for sex on a big tree in the desert during a walk in the grass in the middle of a long walk on the beach or under the stars .



People think Capricorn are squeamish and shy, but actually they are just very private and an earthly sign that the time to warm up before they hiss needs. Capricorns are typically hot lovers! The thing about them is that they require sufficient physical stimulation before they are ready to go big. The best place for sex would be with a Capricorn at a spa getaway, or after a professional couples massage, and after rubbing each other in the bedroom. And they should be behind closed doors if you ever want a chance.


Aquarius are not necessarily the most sexed up signs of the zodiac and they can tend to have a little cold or move observer mode during sex. Since there is no use fighting the current, one of the best places for sex with Aquarius is through the Internet, via Skype or by telephone. You can also get them in the mood by sending sexy pictures via SMS or email, and suddenly you see coming to life their freaky side.


Pisces really are the chameleon of the zodiac, and Pisces will absorb the needs of their partner. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion and fantasy, so making a fish feeling that they are in a different world when you have sex will certainly get them hot and bothered. Pisces is a water sign, and Neptune rules the depths of the ocean, so a great place for sex in the water – whether in the pool, the hot tub or on the beach!


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