Suggestions From Husbands

Be Confident

The sexiest thing is trust. You’re my wife. I will love you and I find you sexy no matter what, so trust in yourself. Nothing turns me on more.

I want them to be more adventurous in the bedroom, to leave their inhibitions at the door.

Be open-minded. Do not be embarrassed. Discover more. Relax!


It’s So Much Better When You Like It.

Sex is better for me if I know she enjoys it. It makes it so much better if both of us have some fun!

Sex is much more fun if we both enjoy. I want to be not only maintained because she thinks her duty.

Be open to trying new things. I like it when they can explain what they want, and what feels good for her.
Stop Obsessing About The Way You Look

I wish my wife knew that her look, her hair, her nails are not so relevant to me when we are intimate. I’m so in love with her. All I want is for her to want to be there with me.

I can tell by her comments that she is concerned with how the rest of the world considers her appearance. Perhaps not much, but some. She is so beautiful and attractive to me, though. Her sexiness is far more than her “curves and all its sides, its perfect imperfections.” I love all of it. I wish my words were just enough to convince her of her beauty and attractiveness.


It’s So Much More Than Just Physical

Sex is not only a biological need. I wish my wife knew how I feel closer to her when we have sex. Sex creates a pillar of stability in our marriage that helps me feel that we are still in love. Sex is an important part of the way I express my love for her.

Sex is to connect in my way. She loves to talk. I want to touch.
Be Spontaneous and Initiate

I wish they’d be more spontaneous, rather than just plans.

Bring in some changes. Have fun with it. Not only do the deed, Play!

I wish my wife would initiate sex more. It makes me feel that she really wants to be with me.


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