Best Sex Moments


“Just when I was climax, she began to tighten and loosen her muscles down there and I could actually feel her squeeze my package. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced.”

“My fiance and I were on vacation and had rented a convertible. While I was driving on a side street, she began to go down on me. It was such a rush that I stop and she finished me on the side of the away. Fortunately, there is no other cars passed, but the sensation is seen certainly added to the moment. ”


Handcuffs, handcuffs, handcuffs! She used some of those fuzzy ones on me after she went to a friend’s hen party and they got in the goodie bag. They actually hooked my hands to the bed frame, while I was sleeping and I was woke her on top of me. That’s when I knew I had a relationship with a sex goddess. ”

“I stood in front of the bathroom mirror to brush my teeth when she walked in completely naked, sitting on the edge of the sink in front of me, pulled down my boxers and pulled me to her. We ended up having sex right there and it was weeks before I could brush my teeth without time popping into my head. ”

“The last time I went to my girlfriend, she did something I never experienced before. She spread her legs really wide and lifted them up so that they were forming a V my head. When she climaxed, closed them her legs around my head. I could really feel her trembling thighs and I knew how much she was loving. ”

“She was at work one day, but I had to go. From the moment I pulled into the driveway until the moment I retired that night, she sent me several close-up pictures of her body parts with different verbs such as lick, touch and ‘suck‘. I hardly did any work and as soon as I got home, we had the kind of hot sex that only comes after, like eight hours of anticipation. ”


Anytime, Anywhere!

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