How BIG You Are?

To better understand, let use a good visual by some of the measurements. If you hope to be 8 inches, we have to know  how was 8 looks, right?


3 Inches – This is the size of one average square sticky note.

5 inches – This is the approximate size of a 12-ounce coke can. So this is the average erect penis size in US.

8 inches – the big, universal, orange-handled scissors are Fiskar 8 cm in length. Despite of many claims to the contrary, 8 inch penises (and higher) are very rare. Only 5% of men have penises which are 8 inch or larger.

A common error men frequently make is determining the size in a wrong way, if they deal with a small penis. You can find yourself short if you are not properly measure. To properly measure the size:

With a fully erect penis, lay a ruler or measuring tape along the top of the shaft of your penis.Press the end of the ruler gently, into the fat pad of your pubic region.Take the measurement at the tip of your glans, to determine your bone-pressed erect length.


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