Tips For More Desirable Sex Life


Where to have sex?

Do not ever make love in the same place at the same time in the same position: It is the kiss of death in every aspect. In fact, you should always be trying new techniques to learn to satisfy them.

How often do you have quickies?

Foreplay takes on average 12 minutes and women is for an average of about 18 to continue, according to a study. But that does not mean that you do not take the express lane sometimes. A quickie in the week is an important sign that your relationship is strong and that your partner understands your sexual needs.


Sharing your fantasies?

Healthy couple share information about what they like and dislike. You do not have to talk for hours about your sex life. What is important to share with your partner something that deeply intimate. Women get intimacy easily from conversations, and in this way they will not feel pressure to act immediately.

How long does sex last?

The minimum duration of sex including seduction, foreplay and intercourse should be about 30 minutes. Everything  more than a half an hour is very satisfying, to a woman.


It is time to stop settling for mediocre sex life. You  deserve better.

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