Tips To Get In Mood

tumblr_mfo00wzwzb1s1zgq4o1_400Watch TV

 A recent study found that people who have a TV in their room twice as much sex as those who do not. Some of these is of course due to dirty movies, allow 37 percent of the partners to this guilty pleasure. However, 30 percent said in the middle of a boring show his lead sex would you know to get some real entertainment.

Money Talks

One study involved more than 7,000 responses from men and women about how often they had sex in the week. Then they looked at how much they earned. It turned out, people who earned five percent more than other sex with four or more times a week with were. Knowing you do not have to worry invoices sure gives you more free time for other activities.erotic-brunette-bent-over-table-with-sexy-guy-behind-her-498x498

Skipping Perfume

A study found that women like their men to smell like gasoline, ink, or leather. On the other hand, women were more attractive if they smell like lipstick, baby lotion or a roast dinner. Yes, a roast dinner. We know it’s weird.

Eating Avocados

It’s that time of year where you see avocados appear anywhere, and now you have to draw a good reason advantage. It turned out that they have an aphrodisiac effect that is your salad and your sex life better!


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