Interesting Sex Facts Everyone Should Know

tumblr_ncyrbpGzTr1th192no1_500Sperm ratio
Your average healthy man produces about 300 million sperm in just a teaspoon of his sperm. However, it only takes a small swimmer of a woman fertilized egg and can live for up to a week in your body.

5a04bb2e0a4a910811d3f0d09cf786b4Which sex is actually more crowded
Think men get laid more than women? Error! According to Men’s Fitness, women have sex 17 percent more likely than the average man. Go girls!

The longest orgasm
Although the male O seems to get all the attention, the women show get the last laugh when it comes to climax. The average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds – 14 seconds longer than the male six seconds O.

tumblr_n55yqyJSv71tacbr3o1_500Sexercise is not a myth
Sex counts as a workout! During the 30 minutes of active sex you burn about 200 calories. And you can even orgasm while working out.

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