Foods That Boost Your Libido

Here are 6 foods that stirring the essential oil on your sexual appetite, and will provide the increase in libido.

Although celery is not the first food that comes to mind when you think that sex can be, it can be a fantastic source food for sexual stimulation. This is because it contains androsterone, an odorless male hormone released by perspiration and switches women.

2.Raw Oysters
Oysters are rich in zinc which increases sperm and testosterone production. Oysters dopamine, a hormone known to increase libido too.Try contain your foreplay.The soft taste sensation and the mere act of sucking you need, both in the mood.


Bananas contain bromelain enzyme, which is believed to reverse libido and impotence in men.
How to enjoy this libido food: Place them on a dish in various states of “undress” and you eat slowly your wife what you. shocked than yours down and get to work.

They contain vitamin B6 (a nutrient that increases synthesis of male hormones), and potassium (which helps in the regulation of a woman’s thyroid gland), two elements that contribute to the libido in both men and women.
How to enjoy this libido food: Cut in half, scoop out the insides with your fingers, and then get your woman to lick it off.


5.Mangoes, Peaches And Strawberries
Probably doing that as a prelude to (or during) sex. Try dribbling the juices over your bodies and licking the residue as an erotic game.

These are rich in amino acids, which is believed to libido. They can also improve sexual stamina.


In addition,ProlargentSize improves men’s libido, sexual function and maintain healthy testosterone levels!!



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