4 Ways To An Explosive Orgasm!

Culturally, we tend to think of orgasms as all and end all of sex. Of course, orgasms literally referred to as the ‘climax’ of sex. But that does not mean there is not always room for improvement.An orgasm is the involuntary, rhythmic contraction of genital muscles, followed by the warm, tingling sensation of pleasure radiates through the body. To be sure, sex can all be great without a orgasm.Nonetheless, if you wish for your orgasms, here are four ways to extend, intensify and multiply a climax.

1. Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor
What we do with the PC muscle? Well, you can squeeze the PC tighten around your genitals when to stop urinating, or prevent bowel movements. Squeeze it when aroused to intensify pleasure, to stop an orgasm, to bring it up, or to extend it. Extend an orgasm can be done by squeezing the PC to pause the sensation of an orgasm, and release the contraction to the flow of pleasure further.

2. Not Only Breathe..Breathe Creative!
Breathing is an essential ingredient of sexual pleasure. Firstly, it brings oxygen all your glands and body parts. Very crucial, breathing brings oxygen to the glands and hormones, the endorphins released during orgasm to produce, and improves circulation and sensation in the genitals.

3. Exploring Different Means To an End
Essentially, your body gets used to the same nerves. Try another hand as self-pleasuring, or a new sensation; place a toy for another, and so on. You can expect a period of adjustment, because your body learns differently climax.

4. Play On The Edge
The longer you are in that pre-orgasmic zone, often larger and more intense orgasm. Staying in that area, however, requires a joint effort. First, it involves the use of the pelvic floor and the breath, but it can also pause the party can add all together to another sensation in the mix, or to do something else at the edge to continue without tipping!
Above all, remember that your body knows exactly what to do. All that is necessary to remember, and be careful trained and retrained.


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