The Facts About Penis


You Can Break Your Penis
If the penis is turned violent during an erection, it can break. Penis has no bones, but the tubes to fill with blood during an erection. Blood flows out of them in the penis and can be a reason to be a very painful swelling.


Males Have A Number Of Nocturnal Erections
In general, a healthy man has 3-5 erections a full night’s sleep, with all the erection ends 25-35 minutes.  This is the case in the last in the series of nocturnal erections. The reason for the nocturnal erections is not fully understood. Also, studies show that they are closely linked to each other during sleep known as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is when the dream is usually.

Penis Length Is Not Measured In Foot Size
The idea that the size of your penis is the same as your shoe size is a myth, according to a research fund. The researchers measured the penises of 100 people, including young people and pensioners. The average length of the penis is 13 cm as softly and gently stretched, and the average size was nine. Besides, researchers found no association between shoe size and penis length.


The Penis Is Not A Muscle
In addition to the popular belief, the so-called love muscle is not muscle. Because of this, you can not move it very much when you feel erection. The penis is a sponge that fills with blood when a man is sexually stimulated.

Big Penises Make Great Erections
Bigger penises to encourage more in length than smaller ones when they erect.


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