Every Types of Orgasm

The more rare still doable O makes some women report whole body tingles, according to research.

The eddy orgasms: Boosting your clit and vagina triggers more of your brains, resulting in more fun.

Not just for porn stars: 80% of women have more than one O had during a sex session (count foreplay).

Simultaneous orgasm
Highly sought after: Usually happens when a partner’s impressive ability to control his / her O while the other catches up.

tumblr_nurbegXfku1tkdkpyo9_540 (1)
Get off the couch! 10% of women report feeling a deep internal orgasm during exercise.

Boobs: The clitori of your chest.Ā Nipple stimulation can activate the same region brains as clitoral or vaginal love.

The vagus nerve (the same that carries sensation from the cervix) also connects the ear.

Some women say really good, rich dark chocolate is literally better than sex.

Thinking Off
The brains is really a sex organ: Some women say they think just by O about something more pleasant.


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