Provocative Ways Of Rough Sex!

What Is Rough Sex?
Rough sex is the kind of sex where you involve pain in the sexual act, in order to increase sexual pleasure! Firstly, rough sex is best enjoyed with a partner who you trust. You both know each other’s constraints and opportunities, and it is easy to attract to know where the line.Here’s everything you need to know about how rough sex have the provocative way. And you can use this kind of rough sex to make it a lot sexier!

Scream And Shout
Not all of us are sexual screamers. But if you’re beaten and shed your vocal inhibitions, you’d be more relaxed and carefree feel, which will make wilder.

Nibble And Bite
Using the teeth is always a great way to introduce you to the animal when you are in bed. Bite hard, but not hard enough to draw blood. Focus on erogenous zones, such as the neck, breasts, abdomen, thighs and around the elbows and ankles.

Claw Your Lover
Scratch with your nails. Literally. With your fingernails against the soft skin of the back of your loved one will be a sexy rush that cause pain control.

Pull Each Other’s Hair
Snatch a handful of hair from your loved one just above the scalp at the back of the head, and tug at it. You will not lose your grip and yet, the pain will feel more comfortable than if you keep your beloved by the lower ends of their hair.

The Burning Blow
Slap each other on the face or chest, or if you are unable behind your partner who is on all fours, beating their backs or their ass. The searing pain will bring out the animal in your lover.

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