Unusual Tips For Mind-Blowing Sex

Make Room
Have you need to create time and space for the to mind-blowing sex.I do not care how busy you are, if your relationship is a priority in your life you will make sure you fuck each other’s brains a few times a week.Turn off cell phones. Get the TV and laptops out of your bedroom. Your bed is a sacred space reserved for sleeping and orgasmsbed-benefits-blackandwhite-blow-Favim.com-2589028Slow Down And Connect
If you switch from your daily self to your sexy self must slow you down and out of your head.Drinking in the deliciousness that is your partner with your eyes. Smell each other. Put your foreheads together and synchronize your breathing with theirs for a while. Kiss slowly, firmly, passionate and sweet.Get out of your head and into your body.3-BreastExtend Foreplay 
When people make analogies to be the main sex and foreplay the appetizer but shortchanges the perceived value of foreplay.Foreplay is the main course. And intercourse is the main course. And dessert is the main course. Every moment of it in each other’s presence is the main course and sexual play is a natural extension.You know erogenous zones of your partner better than me. Plague them. Nibble on their necks. Kiss the folds, flab, bones and actions of their wonderful torsos. Give them a massage (foot, back, or other). Make out like teenagers in love.rough-sex-ideas-hairUse Your Hands
Hold hands. Grab their hips. Pulling their hair. Grip their beautiful bum. Keep your hands on her torso, forearms or legs.Hands are important. Its use makes you feel more connected, and they make your sex more mind blowing.16

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