For Boost Your Sex Life


Enjoy Each Other’s Bodies
Try some of our simple Kama Sutra positions for this. Giving each other compliments, pay special attention to a person’s less favorite bits, make them feel desirable and sexy. Body confidence is sexual gold!

One of the best sex tips that we can recommend is to your partner what you enjoy and why tell even what can be done to make the sex better; faster slower etc. The sure-fire way to better sex every time!

Engage In Foreplay
It’s easy to forget that foreplay is all part of your sex life. Make sure you have enough foreplay with your partner until you are both ready for intercourse. Extend by putting your clothes on, go out for a drink or a meal. Keep the night going as long as you can until you get to walk home for the most intense sex ever!

Surprise Your Partner
Put on some sexy lingerie one evening after work and wait for him. Do not touch him, dominate and lead him to the bedroom.

Do A Strip-Tease
It does not look professional, as long as you move tempting for him and slowly take off your clothes. Do not allow him to touch either – this will motivate him even more.

Turn Off The Lights
Go one step next and blindfold each other. By getting rid of the sense of sight, you are forced to use your other senses.


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