Advice For Stay Hard

Stop Blaming Yourself
If you can not get or stay hard when it really matters, it’s not your fault.It has nothing to do with your genes or your personality.It has nothing to do with how confident you feel or what kind of person you.

Penis-shaped-orange-peel-412981.jpgRealize That Age Is Rarely The Decisive Factor
And what they mean by this statement is the inability to get a hold of an erection is not a natural or inevitable consequence of your age.If you have a natural erection‘ve experienced at any time in the last 3 months, you’ll be able to train yourself to have an erection at your command and often to train yourself to have a much harder erection.

woman-in-underwear-and-man-in-bed-412993Accept That It’s Not Her Fault
Now it may be that your loved one is doing certain things that do not help to gain or maintain your erection during foreplay or sex. But let me ask you this. Who is the one who gets the erection. You … or her? What I mean is that even if you love things that can make it difficult to do for you to come and stay strong.

IMG_6296.JPGNatural formula of Prolargentsize gives you the confidence you need in your bedroom!



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