Low Sexual Desire

People normally differ in the degree of sexual desire them. There is no standard of sexual desire, and desire not only differs from person to person, but also in the same person over a lifetime.
One of the most common sexual problems in couples is a difference in sexual desire. Sexual desire may be low for a variety of reasons, many psychological and interpersonal. Partners that the level of sexual desire beginning experienced in a relationship as a standard of comparison, the decrease in sexual desire and activity as a problem that often accompanies long-term partnerships, where the needs of daily life tend to triumph label to be used.

Sexual desire and responsiveness normal differences between men and women, and assumptions of sexual equality may falsely suggest the existence of hypoactive desire disorder. Men are more biologically aroused than women, and for them is the desire tightly tied to physiological arousal. In women, sexual desire is usually more psychological and situational influenced by how they feel about their bodies, and the quality of the relationship with their partner. In addition, women often experience no need after being genitally aroused excitement and may need prolonged foreplay.


The decline of sexual desire is sometimes regarded as unavoidable in a long-term relationship, but it is unclear whether that is really the case, or that it is a function of age or familiarity. Low sexual desire can often be treated.


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