Better Sex With Age

Slow Things Down A Notch
It can take you and your partner a little longer to wake up than before. Make more time for intimacy and are willing to approach sex differently. What you ever turned and your partner may not have the same effect. Take the time to experiment your way to better sex.


Experiment With New Positions And Toys
Spicy solutions for senior sexual problems are guaranteed to be interesting topics of conversation. Just as you may need to be awakened more time, you might also want to try something new. The use of sex toys and practical tools, such as lubricants, the wow factor.

Explore On Your Own
Do not have a partner? Masturbation has been shown to improve both the physical and emotional health, so lets just keep you from getting fun.

Stay Healthy
Your body may change, but you can improve how it works and feels by making healthy diet and exercise choices. These choices in turn can lead to better sex by maintaining muscle strength and aerobic capacity. An important element of staying healthy? Practice safe sex. With the right attitude and an open mind, sex into your senior years can indeed be exciting and spicy.


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