5 Ways Of Delaying Ejaculation

Looking for a 5 tips for delaying ejaculation? It’s very frustrating only to end it abruptly into a large and heated lovemaking, because you ejaculated prematurely. Here are 5 tips for delaying ejaculation, so you can continue enjoying the intense feelings of sexual intercourse; Your partner will definitely thank you for it. At first, to delay ejaculation, you will need: A stress reliever, Good communication skills, An understanding partner.

1) Masturbation is a great way to prolong ejaculation, so it will not happen quickly. A few hours before you plan to have a sexual encounter, masturbate until you ejaculate. This helps to calm the nerves, but a disadvantage is sexual desire can go down and you can not in the mood for sex that day.

2) Start and stop method is a simple technique to try. When you come to the point of ejaculation, stop pushing, pulling completely out of the vagina if you must, to delay ejaculation. You do not let your partner even if you choose not to do that you are concerned with premature ejaculation.

3) Setting up a condom is a safe and easy solution for delaying ejaculation. You’ll enjoy intercourse exactly the same, but you will receive less stimulation when you use a condom, too early to reduce the risk of ejaculate. Wearing a condom is a smart and safe practices.


4) Try different sexual positions to delay ejaculation. We all have our favorite positions, and some of these you can go faster than you are ready to ejaculate. So if you are in a position and you will receive intense stimulation and you feel like you are about to ejaculate, change positions. Try letting your partner on top; the sensation is likely to reduce and prevent premature ejaculation.

5) Relaxing and breathing can be useful in delaying ejaculation. Try all the tension and anxiety from removing your body to relax before and during sex. Take in a deep breath, let them out. Try on some soft music or the sounds of nature to soothe your nerves. Try not to focus on something negative could have happened that day. Just relax, perhaps sipping a mild wine and enjoy one of the most enjoyable things on earth.


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