Sex Positions That’ll Make You Feel The Love


Woman On Top
A man lying with the woman on top can be a vulnerable position for both partners, which can create emotional intimacy. He has to give up control while your goods are totally on the display. This sex position is ideal for lots of touching and intimate caresses.

Hold Me
In this position, the man’s wife if she just jumped into his arms. With your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck, this loving position is conducive to giving passionate kisses and romantic slow swaying.

Enhanced Missionary
The missionary position is already having an intimate way to have sex, because your faces are close and almost all are in touch with your body. To enhance the emotional intimacy of the position, have him hold your ass or move his legs on the outside of you in order to envelop more full body. And if a couple is so inclined, this position provides a good approach for anal sex by maintaining face-to-face emotional intimacy.


Hands Free
Let him sit on a chair and straddle him with your feet on the ground. This makes for a face-to-face contact, and easy access for kisses, whispers and moving around.

Standing Missionary
Turn the missionary position 90 degrees, so you’re both standing, and you’ll find that these full-body-contact sex position is super hot. Muscles turn to stand and even with support behind you, you are physically dependent.


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