Bad Side Effects Of Penis Size Medication !!

Headache was the most common adverse drug related. The sudden change in the blood stream of the increased nitric oxide causing the headache. This side effect is, like all forms of sex drugs.

Body Aches And Pains
Some people have their muscle pain in the whole body during the use of these drugs. Others have reported specific pain in their lower back.

Digestive Problems
Your medicine can cause uncomfortable digestive system adverse events. The most common are indigestion and diarrhea.

An increase of nitric oxide may cause some men to be dizzy. However, it can cause dizziness any discomfort during daily activities.


Flushes are temporary periods of redness of the skin. Flushes usually develop on your face and can also spread to parts of your body. Flushes may be mild, such as spotty skin, or severe, such as rash.

Recognizing Uncommon, Serious Side Effects
Minor side effects are common when taking medication for penis size. Still, there are some side effects that are not so common. These can even be downright dangerous. Serious side effects of drugs may include: Priapism (erections lasting longer than 4 hours), Sudden changes in hearing, Loss of vision.


If you want to have longer penis size without any side effects you should take ProlargentSize! 
It is the totally herbal, there is no nasty side effects!




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