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The gender positions that even give you an opportunity to get an orgasm are those that stimulate your clitoris. Or, even better, that give you easy access to the self. Here are the bests.

The Folding Chair
This is another twist on the missionary. For this, take a shipping position, but stiff your legs as straight as they can go and put them on their shoulders when pushing in and out. You should feel that your entire body bends in half, like a folding chair.

Sexual Spooning
He will not have much space to actually move in and out, but if you push him alone and push against the front wall of your vagina, your G-spot will immediately hit. This position will be more relaxing for him, so his hands will get more energy and be free to touch your nipples and clitoris, which we know is crucial for orgasm. You will also have this open space for you to touch yourself if you want to.


There’s nothing like a good girl on top to make you feel like you’re having fun. You can manage the speed of the thrust, the depth of its entrance, and the walls within you. So on top of it, take yourself down to him and start up and down. It is natural to lean forward when sitting in this position, but try to sit upright so that your body is perpendicular to its back and leans backwards. This allows for even deeper penetration, allowing you easy access to rubbing your clitoris and extending your torso to make you lean and lean. Definite win.

Reverse Cowgirl
Cowgirl is great, but you even have more control in the reverse form of this classic sex position. Come on top of what you would normally have in cowgirl, but turn around so your ass gets to him. If you’re turned around, the angle from which he comes will make it easier and more consistent to access your G-spot. To go deeper, sit straight and let his legs extend straight to his back. Then put your knees on the bed on both sides of his hips and use your knees to jump you up and down at any speed. Do not forget to lean back to touch and use the front G spot.









The average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches, while the average length of a straight penis is 5.16 inches. The average circumference is 3.66 centimeters for a flaccid penis and 4.69 inches for a sincere penis. Perimeter is the perimeter of the penis in its broadest section.


What Does The Research Say?
For example, a straight penis of 6.3 inches is in the 95th percentile. That means that out of 100 men, only five would have a penis longer than 6.3 inches. Similarly, a straight penis of 3.94 inches in the 5th percentile, which means that only five men at 100 would have a penis shorter than 3.94 inches.

How To Measure Your Penis Size?
Measure the length of the top of your penis to the tip of your shine. The top of your penis is where it is connected to your pubic bone. The tip of your shine is the round part at the end of your penis. When measuring, press any fat for your pubic bone. Also do not add additional length associated with a foreskin.


Does Size Matter?
Certain care for some men is whether their penis is sexually satisfied for themselves and their partner. Some men may also be anxious about how they look naked. When it comes to sexual intercourse, bigger may not always be better. The average size chosen by women in the study was a sincere penis that is 6.4 inches long and 5 inches in circumference for a one-off encounter. For a long-term relationship, the average size that women preferred was a penis that is 6.3 cm long with a circumference of 4.8 inches. Both of these choices were just slightly larger than the average. A man’s perception of his own penile size can affect trust and a positive body image. Men who are aware of the size of their penis, either in the sleeping or upright state, can experience anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction and other emotional problems.


How Can My Enlarge The Penis Size?
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ProlargentSize Product


The secret of ProlargentSize is in its herbal formula, which has been developed to increase the strength and longevity of the erection to maximize pleasure for both you and your partner.

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It is a plant which products the same effect as Viagra. It increases power.
Ferula and its effect on blood pressure, ferula accelerates blood circulation therefore sex gland produces faster and more sperm. It increases proceptive phase, so you want have sexual relationship easier, and also manliness.

Panax Ginseng
It is useful for treatment of erectile dysfunction. The ferula accelerates blood pressure, too fast blood pressure is dangerous, so this ingredients permits to stabilizes the blood pressure.

Tribulus Terrestris
This ingredient gives supplementary energy. Moreover it increases sexual desire, spermatozoids and testosterone volume and resolves also erectile dysfunctions. Luteinizing hormones are also stimulated.

Ceratonia Siliqua
It permits to increase volume and quality of sperm. It cares illnesses such as oligospermia, azoospermia, asthenospermia.

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Epimedium Brevicornum

Epimedium brevicornum resolves sexual dysfunction and improves erectile function. It has the same effect as testosterone. Moreover, it stimulates men sexual activity, increases sperm production, stimulates the sensory nerve endings and increases sexual desire in general.

Natural Capsule
Capsules are made with plants and natural ingredients. Therefore, capsules are safe. They do not put in danger users’ life.

* ProlargentSize Pills do not contain yeast, wheat gluten, corn, milk/dairy, sodium, sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring.

How Does ProlargentSize Work?
ProlargentSize’s clinically tested formula works in many different ways: The blood vessels in the cavernous body of the penis are responsible for the natural enlargement and the erection of the penis. With ProlargentSize’s special formula these blood vessels are expanded. The penis becomes wider and increases in weight. ProlargentSize also contains substances that positively alter blood circulation so that the penis is optimally provided with it. The interior tissue of the penis is loosened from having stronger blood vessels and the penis is then able to stretch with ease and longer than before. This is the way the penis achieves its largest size possible.




Morning Sex



Sex at the morning is hot!According to a researches, it is particularly hot for your partner. It has been found that 70 per cent of men wake up inflamed. You can experience one of these hot morning pleasures next time you wish to start your day more pleased.

At first you’re still a little sleepy. This step let you to rebound while receiving an unique excitement enhance.

Let it take a sit with crossed legs on the bed before you straddle him.Pull down yourself to his penis and fold up your legs around his back. If you sit reciprocally, seize each other’s elbows and buckle opposite the other partner’s weight as a reluctant.If you are agile sufficiently, you might be capable to incline your head back far sufficiently to rest it on the ground.


Sit your partner on the bed with his legs extended comfortably in front of him and a pair of pillows behind his back. Have him slope back gently, his arms to take his weight. With their backs to him and your legs straddling his hips, go down yourself on him. Hold your knees bent and your feet fixed on the ground. With your hip grinding simultaneously, pressure your PC muscles while doing slight round movements with his pelvis.
Lie down on your side with your partner behind you. Hold your body both in this pose and lift your higher leg. Allow him move his inferior body to a half-kneeling position, come into you from behind.

Both you and your partner lie down on your sides, ‘n position face to face. Sit nigh together and cross your legs are so you are lovely close and he is deeply in you as he get into you. While punches, hold on together and leverage the possible rubbing.





Increase Your Libido!


It is not always easy to get excited about sex after working a eight-hour and around three children. It is not always easy, even if you only have one child and not step outside the house all day. The good news for those who have lost that loving feeling is that they can recover it. While libido is too complicated to be influenced by a single magic solution, here are some natural ways recommended by various experts to increase your libido.

Stay Fit

You will feel better about yourself, also body fat inhibits the production of testosterone. And, obviously, it is important for men to look their waist size and abdominal fat more efficiently absorbs testosterone than fat cells elsewhere in the body.

Red Wine

Studies show that moderate drinkers of red wine actually a greater sex drive than those who do not imbibe, or who drink white wine. Researchers writing this is the ability of red wine in order to increase the blood flow and the color. Women obviously find people very much sexier when they wear red.


Give A Massage

There is no doubt that massage is a good idea for couples if one is feeling especially anxious or stressed. And, with a little soft lighting, one thing can very easily lead to another.


Certain scents are known to people immediately in the mood such as cinnamon, vanilla and musk. An interesting side note: a woman smell is actually stronger than a human being, especially when they are ovulating.


Increase Your Libido

TurnSex Into Amazing Sex




You Can Last Longer!



Masturbate to orgasm with a woman in mind, not your own. In other words, take your time: Work up to 15 minutes. Bring yourself close to the point of no return, but do not ejaculate until time is up.


The trick is to slow down and acknowledge that there is a spectrum of feelings throughout the  sexual response process and to recognize your own ejaculatory point inevitability. Rate your sexual excitement on a scale of 1 to 5.



Teasing her, taunting her: Press the head of your penis into her clitoral head. Just linger in the vagina entrance, where the most sensitive nerves are. If you have intercourse, focus on  shallow moves to penetrate the first 3 to 4 cms of the vagina. Press your penis against her G-spot. You’ll last longer if you’re not powerful thrust.


Keep your wife happy. Women have an innate ability to experience multiple orgasms. If you help her first, it can relieve some pressure to please and the psychological anxiety that causes PE. Use your fingers; use your mouth. Do not know how? Follow our ultimate guide to oral sex.



It is easy to achieve stronger erections and healthier sex life with ProlargentSize. The herbal formula of ProlargentSize Penis Enlargement capsules provide you growth up to 2 inches and also better control on ejaculation. If you care about your health and prefer  a ” no-side-effect” product, ProlargentSize will be the best choice for you!